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    • 25 FEB 13
    Our Values

    Our Values

           People are living longer than ever before, in part due to medical advances that have saved more people from life-threatening diseases, injuries and congenital conditions. But as people live longer in an unhealthy way, they’re more likely to develop age-related conditions or chronic diseases. After the onset of most chronic diseases or injuries, the underlying damage remains, and patients are left to manage the symptoms. Many of these patients, having so-called degenerative diseases, are particularly well suited to treatment with regenerative medicine solutions.

     At Remed, we have adopted  regenerative therapy as a standard procedure in the future of  regenerative health care. The quest for innovative solutions to meet the burning needs of our patients is incorporated in our clinical practice, as we seek to treat the underlying causes of symptoms and find innovative and affordable health care solutions.

     ReMed,  Centres for Regenerative therapy  consists of proven and time tested  clinical aspects  like preventive care, targeted nutrition, correction of metabolic and hormonal disorders, therapeutic lasers and in some selected cases stem cell therapy, a multidisciplinary integrative approach  to regeneration for a number of neuro and musculoskeletal conditions. We are not into research aspects of regeneration medicine but only into clinical aspects.

     We do have remarkable collaboration with physicians and scientists across disciplines all over the world. In this new era of medicine, we are working together to use advanced regenerative technologies and therapies to essentially help the body to heal from within. And we are on a mission to target the root cause of disease and offer the prospect of cures to improve health care across our patients’ lifespans.

    We offer the most advanced techniques and technology.
    All patients are carefully screened for safety and are specifically tailored.

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