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Therapy Laser Centre for de-addiction of smoking, alcohol, drugs and psychological addictions.


Integrated de addiction treatment include:

  • Preliminary evaluation of the condition by intense consultation and counselingstop-smoking
  • Family and professional  adaptation
  • Social adaptation
  • If required, Rehabilitation in a world class rehabilitation centre
  • Laser acupuncture course
  • Detox. using powerful antioxidants from world class nutraceuticals
  • Preventive measures to take care of relapses

When an addict or his caretakers are searching for de addiction treatment, they are often in search for hope for a normal life. Our goal in ReMed is to build that normal life back again through the  Intensive program. Discover how to resolve the conflict within the body and the mind. And restart your life NOW.

All types of addiction disorders are complex but they are definitely treatable. Many people try a lot of ways and after when they 1929606-alcohol-addiction-hands-handcuffed-with-an-empty-alcohol-glassfail repeatedly they become hopeless for recovery. Even when they find some success, it is very temporary and a common complaint is relapse. It is very important to understand that no single treatment is appropriate for every individual. It is very normal that the person is unable to leave the substance physically or psychologically even after trying his / her best. A very important fact is that the psychological dependence (the obsession thoughts of taking substance) needs to be essentially worked upon. It has been researched that dependence is a chronic disorder due to its psychological factor. When a person works on the psychological dependence on a regular basis, the chances of living a normal life are much higher. Hence it needs a long term psychological intervention to get long-term recovery. Treatment for addiction needs addressing of specific, individual patient needs and must take all the areas of his life into account.

The treatment for addiction at ReMed comprises of an integrated methodology of treatment so that an addict can start living a normal life back again. Our approach is to correct the root cause of addiction, strengthen the support system and focus on the way of living.

Normally while  working in addiction it is common for care takers as well as counsellors to have a lot of apprehensions and hopelessness about the recovery of an addict. It is of utmost important  to understand the world of addicts from their perspective;  One has to stand in the shoes of an addict ; Act and advice accordingly keeping in mind  addicts’ patho-physiological conditions  giving more importance to values of human life.

It is of our observation that initially the addicts get freedom from dependence. But if taken for granted and left free there are great chances of relapses. Relapses are the worst challenges in de addiction treatment.

This aspect is very well countered because of innovative laser acupuncture, detox as well as rational ways of holistic approach.

Nothing can be more troubling or devastating to a person’s life or career than a serious addiction. What is worse, in a true chemical dependency the sensation of withdrawal can be nearly unbearable. For many, addiction treatment is not a choice, but a necessity. Fortunately the answer may be low level laser therapy for treating addiction.

There are a number of ways that people can free themselves from addiction and chemical dependency.

1. Some advocate stopping the addictive behaviour/substance altogether. This can work in some  highly motivated and dedicated people.alcohol-dependence

2. Other people advocate a gradual weaning process, like nicotine patches for smoking cessation.

3. Another model for treating addiction is the complete replacement approach.

All the three methods have their own inherent drawbacks with chances of relapse, suffering from withdrawal symptoms or getting addicted to new substance.

ReMed has another option that has been tried with some success, that is, the use of Low level lasers for treating addiction.

The “space age” technology of lasers has been combined with the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine to provide a novel approach to the treatment of addiction.

Using low level laser for addiction treatment, laser light is applied to carefully selected acupuncture or acupressure points.

First challenging thing in treating addiction is managing addictions. Cold lasers work miraculously in the withdrawal period, able to reduce the duration and severity of withdrawal symptoms.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, health and disease depend on the proper flow of energy or life force through meridians in the body. Addiction, like all diseases, can be explained by an imbalance of this life force.

From a Western perspective, it is the ability of low level laser energy to stimulate the release of endorphins in the body.

It appears likely that the mechanism of action of low level laser for treating addiction is highly complex. Low level laser stimulation of specific points on the body can reduce the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal in many individuals. We need to understand the complex neuropsychiatric processes involved in addiction, then we will be better able to tailor low level laser therapy for the treatment of addiction.

Stimulation of acupuncture points promotes release of neurotransmitters, eg. endorphins, serotoniKey-300x246ns, dopamine

• Endorphins replace the substance-triggered endorphins which cause addiction.

• Endorphins released as a result of this treatment are long lasting, and greatly reduce symptoms, irritability and cravings that are normally  associated with substance cessation.