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  • When nutrition is bad, medicines do not work when nutrition is good, medicines are not required
  • If today’s doctors do not practice nutrition, today’s nutritionists will become doctors





The ore contains micro-quantities of gold. Utilizing several tons of ore and after the complicated process a small of quantity of pure gold is extracted. The gold is no more an ore. It is called a precious Metal. Similarly Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. It is good for eye. Soya beans are rich in isoflavines which are good for health. They are extracted with complicated extraction procedures. After an extraction lycopene or isoflavines are no more vegetables or beans but Nutriceuticals. They are equally and more valuable as gold. You have to evaluate the value system involved.

If  you value the  value  of  Nutriceutical  as more valuable than vegetable or beans, then only the value  of Nutriceutical  is  valuable to you.

  1. In the last 40 yrs, medical science has advanced remarkably,
  2. Number of doctors/ specialists have increased,
  3. Innumerable hospitals have come up,
  4. Unimaginable drugs and remedies have evolved,

But why the incidence of suffering or deaths from diseases such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer, arthritis, Hormonal , Skin and allergic disorders have seen an unprecedented rise.?

  1. Everywhere there is food. Era of starvation is almost over.
  2. Everywhere there are food malls. People’s buying capacity has increased.

But why there are so many nutritional disorders due to micronutrient malnutrition?A large percentage of world population suffers from Hidden hunger or Micronutrient malnutrition, because of the following reasons

* Natural de-mineralization of earth
* Over-exploitation of soil due to multiple crops, use of chemical manures and    pesticides
* Improper storage facilities and long transportation of food items

Improper lifestyles, food habits and stressful living due tomi

  1. Irregular dietary habits due to busy schedules
  2. Unbalanced diet due to fast food culture
  3. Shift from coarse grains to refined products
  4. Increased consumption of tobacco and smoking
  5. Overuse of television and computers
  6. Reduced physical activity due to mechanization
  7. Increased used of vehicles
  8. Exposure to pollutants

Improper lifestyles and stressful living also lead to nutritional deficiencies.

More than 70% of non-communicable diseases and age related health conditions are nutritionally related and can be managed very well with good nutrition.

  1. There is tremendous awareness amongst the population with regard to health & health related activities.
  2. Most people want to prevent diseases rather than getting cured.
  3. People at large are losing faith in pharmaceutical and other chemical preparations instead prefer safe, natural and nutritional remedies.
  4. Of late people are indulging more in lifestyles that enhance health and fitness

World bodies are focusing on the issue of nutritional deficiency and have stressed on micro nutrient delivery system through the Nutritional supplements.

  1. Busy lifestyles force people to switch to convenient and nutritionally complete food supplements to combat nutritionally deficient disorders.
  2. Hectic work schedules and tough targets are forcing people to look at some ready made formula and easily accessible exercise measures to prevent conditions like RSI or occupational over use disorders.
  3. ReMed Involves in identifying and procuring high quality, innovative, economical nutritional products, and products with natural remedies as well as preventive health care services sourced from all over the world. The company will promote through innovative and specialized methods
  4. As on today good quality range of nutritional Products are in great demand if presented with proper education and awareness