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1Know Your Epidemic Enemy:

More than half of all urban Indians may develop diabetes or prediabetes by 2020,unless prevention strategies aimed at WEIGHT LOSS and increased physical activity are widely implemented. This is a call to public, medical community and govt to understand this epidemic enemy , realize the medical implications and its economic impact on the nation

FIT or FAT? Choice is yours

Just do not shape up physically….but change yourselves totally with our comprehensive & advanced therapeutic approach with!.
• Innovative and FDA Approved cold lasers
• Proper Nutrition
• Conditioning of Mind & Body
• Lifestyle changes

When it comes weight loss…we know better.

A scientific and customized weight loss plan that begins with Detailed history and chronology of weight gain Relevant investigations and fact finding Calorie assessment and nutritional screening Fitness evaluation Correction of medical problems. Suitable LLLT regime Change in food habits and life style to eat sensibly and exercise regularly Setting the targets. Clearly defined plans to help you meet goals. Customized nutrition plans.

NEXT- Non EXercise Thermogenesis for people who cannot do any excercises. Regular follow up, mentoring, monitoring and motivation. No more excuses, Get into state of weight loss mind, And Take charge of your life.

3FAT is out FIT is in

Laser treatment works as an appetite suppressant and reduces cravings.It stimulate the metabolism and enable to body to use food effectively rather than storing it as fat.The laser treatments, which are customized to fit each individual’s needs include follow up, nutritional guidance and motivational support. Lower your stress. When stimulated with a laser beam, specific points on the body signal the brain to release endorphins. Increased endorphins reduce production of the stress hormone, cortisol, in turn reducing cravings. When your body is in balance, your cravings will stop.
Laser therapy is not intended to be used in isolation; it is meant to supplement weight loss efforts. Diet and exercise are crucial to achieving a healthy weight. ReMed promotes laser therapy for weight loss, to facilitate diet and exercise efforts, giving the patient an “overall